WDBackupengine won't stop running

In Task Manager, I can see WDBackupengine continuosly running at about 12-13% CPU usage, and never stopping. I believe this is a recent thing, maybe since the last software update?

I am running Windows 10 on an i7 4770 cpu with 16GB of RAM so it should not be slow. The WD MyCloud is connected to the PC through a 1Gigabit Ethernet link.

I have searched for help but the only topics I found were not recent and did not supply answers.

Any help gladly received! My temporary solution is to close the process down, but I pressume that means my back-ups are not being updated.

13% is not much for a backup engine that is constantly scanning your files for changes.

Do you have your My Cloud connected directly to your PC or to your router? Are you doing continuous backups or how do you have them setup? I have mine setup to do backups twice a week on Monday and Friday. A check of my task manager shows no activity of the CPU by the backup engine. See image below. I have Windows 10 on my desktop PC, RAM 16 GB, Intel i5. My Cloud is connected to my router.


Thanks Cat. The problem seems to be largely fixed now, with CPU usage flickering between 0 and 10%.

My Cloud is connected to my router through a 1Gigabit Switch, the same Switch the PC is connected to. I use the switch as the router only has 1 Gigabit port.

It is on continuous backup so I’ll switch to twice weekly. My key documents are stored on Microsoft’s “One Drive” so is already backed up by being on my C:\ and the One Drive.