WDBackupEngine.exe writing data constantly, slowing PC down

This WD Smartware (and related software) seems to be slowing down my computer with constant hard drive access. Everything from application loading, to web browsing, to gaming is noticeably slowed down as my hard drive is chugging away like crazy. And task manager shows me WDBackupEngine.exe is to blame. I can just watch this “I/O Write Bytes” figure (highlighted at the top, sorry I cut it off) go up and up and up, about 1 MB per second (!!).

The real kicker is my backup hard drive is not even connected, and WD software knows this.

  1. What is it doing and why?

  2. Where or what is it writing to? I’m not aware of some massive dump of data being generated on my disks… and good thing, too, or I would just lose my mind.

  3. How do I stop this from happening? Like I said it’s significantly impacting my PC’s performance.

I might understand if it was actively backing up, but it shouldn’t be. My backup drive is not connected.

I am using the new 1.6.4 software, by the way.

Since is a 24/7 backup software, it will run all the time and the computer will access the drive all day, so it’s normal that the software use a lot of resources from your computer.

Anyways, make sure that you have the latest version of the software and that your computer is up to date regarding automatics updates for the OS

Right…The back up drive is not connected. There is nothing to back up. If the back up drive is not connected, where is all that data being written to? My computer’s resources are being bogged down by it accessing every minute piece of data it comes across and it’s not acceptable.

Does anyone here share this problem?

Does anyone have solutions, including Western Digital Support?

I find this problem to be a major inconvenience.

WDFME.exe and WDRulesEngine.exe are taking up a total of 70+% of my CPU. I also find this a HUGE inconvenience…

Yes, I have the same problem on my XP machine.  Support has not offered assistance that works.  I have tried to remove Smartware but it seems to still be there even after removal.  Very frustrating. If you find a solution please advise.

I also have the same problem!! SUPER annoying! I can hardly use my computer the first 30 minutes it’s on, then the hard drive finally calms down…

Wndows 7 and WD software is all up to date so that’s ok, Back-up drive is not connected too, so what is happening?

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this…?

Thanks in advance!

Just purchased a  My Passport and having same issue;

Prior to this, I used my own software (GFI ) to make backups on a weeklyh basis; I keept he drive unpluged when not in use. Howver, mysystem hard drive light is now continually flickering even if nothing is running.  I doubt it’s windows 7indexing. If the WD software is what is accessing constantly, I’d just as soon remove it and use my old backup software and back up on demand. If the drive is unplugged, the software should NOT be monitoring the hard drive. I’d rather start the software only when the drive is plugged in and let it do a diff then.