WDBABM0010BBK 1 TB Not recognized by Windows 7 professional Service pack - All of a sudden

Need some urgent help from this group. I am having an 1 TB WDBABM0010BBK external hard disk for more than 1 year and it used to work fine with XP and now with Windows 7. for the past 3 days when ever i connect the hard disk to my laptop i can hear the click noise and the device getting readed but it is not showing up on my computer.

I am unable to access the files and at the same time have my research data into it and do not want to lose it at all. Any suggestion so that i can make the hard disk readable.

This is really urgent and any help which can resolve this is highly appreciated.

Try using a different cable and different port

check if the drive shows on disk management

the click could mean the drive is not getting enough power