Win 7; 32 Bit, new message is coming up: drive is not accesssible, must format the drive.  No way, since this is my backup drive with extra information accumulated since I got the drive.

Please advise what to do.  

I have an HP DV6928 and connected it directly via USB.  Orginally it was connected via a USB 2.0 hub, but that seems to be malfuctioning, thus I connected the drive directly to the laptop.

The message used to come up when conected with the HUB and I would disregard it and the drive would appear and function correctly.

Now the inaccessible message repeatedly comes up with the sole option of formatting the drive.

Please help.  Do not wish to format at all costs.  PS the drive though 1.5 TB probably has 600Gb available.



Do not connect to the Hub and try the USB port on the computer direct

use chkdsk to test and fix partition if possible

you can also defrag to see if this helps

Make sure to backup all data ASAP

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Thanks for the suggestion. Will do later after work.

Will apply kudos too. Can’t seem to do from my Android, but will do from my laptop. Promise!

How can I backup the data on the malfunctioning drive?

Will proceed now to attempt to defrag the malfunctioning drive and to chkdsk the same drive.

I did click Kudos.


Just drag and drop the files if the drive still seen

otherwise you can sue a data recovery software if it’s not seen

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Thank you.  i can not access the malfunctioning  drive to defrag nor can I access the drive to see errors, via tools and properties.  I can however do a shadow backup ( i do not know where the backup files are going).  

i can not see any files in the drive either, but somehow a backup is being performed.

Can you please advise where the shadow backup  files are being located?  My laptop hard drive is in fact not as large as the files on the malfunctioning drive.  MY C drive is only 250GB and my WD drive is 1.5 TB, and I have two other backup type external drives: 120GB and 250GB.

My WD drive however contains some non backed up information at this time, such as movies and musis.

Please advise.

Not sure about that one since I haven’t use that option

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