WDBAAU0010HBK-EESN 1 TB WD Elements Desktop

Hello! My WD Elements external HDD is broken due to improper use a child. S/N [Deleted]

I disassembled it and saw that the board hard disk burned chip, called the spindle motor driver. See the model chip can not be due to the fact that it melted. Help please, tell me what kind of model of hard drive installed in the external drive enclosure? I want to find a donor or order a chip you have, if possible.
Partly on the chip can be seen 3 lines, list them, if this is what will help you identify the chip:

line 1 7B0521H

line 2 ***8645

I can include the photo of burned chip, please tell me if this is how it will help
I understand that this is not necessarily to revive a hard drive, but still want to try, really hope that you can help me! Thank U!

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Unfortunately, the hard drive in question is chosen in the production line during the assembling process. As such, the particular model number is not set.


I’d recommend contacting a specialized Data Recovery service for aalysis.