My hard drive (WDBAAA5000ABK-00) started turning on and off all the time. I tried using different microUSB cables but still had the same problem. So I thought it would be a good idea to update the firmware… I did so without backing it up because it wasn’t possible because it kept on connecting and disconnecting without me even touching it every 10 seconds or so. During the update this happened and the update failed. Now whenever I plug in myPassport it shows “Initio Default Controller”. I tried to install the driver again and it says the following message: “WD Firmware Update is unable to determine the appropriate firmware for your drive. Contact technical support for assistance.” I checked I’m not under warranty. I’ve read over 30 different different posts and I’ve tried everything which they have said I bought a dual powered USB and tried uninstalling the Initio driver… I knew that wouldn’t work as it always thinks its the Initio Driver…
The Device doesn’t connect and disconnect like it used it it is stable to the Initio Default Controller so its not the USB power issue.

Could someone please help me…

Thank you in advance :smileyvery-happy:

Kind Regards

Check if the hard drive is recognized on the disk management window, you can also try using another USB cable.