WDAVN00BN USB Wireless Dongle


I was wondering if I connected a wireless USB dongle to the USB port on my first gen WDTV (no ethernet port) - would I be able to ‘bridge’ data via wireless to the device?




that’s the first generation of WDTV and I believe that unit is not setup for that.

If its not a WD Live player then it cannot go ‘live’.

I appreciate that it cannot go ‘live’ but can i transfer data this way?

My point was that connecting to the network / internet / USB dongles was all to do with the ‘live’ and that was what made it different to the older players. The firmware would not recognise a USB dongle (even the live has trouble with a lot of dongles).

IIRC, there’s pretty old “Hacked” firmware floating around on the 'net for the old WDTV HDs that added support for a few wireless adapters / ethernet dongles.

Without knowing any more than that, I’d assume that even the hacked FW is so old that finding supported network hardware may be pretty difficult now … but you can try if you like.