WDAAP0000NBK USB Wireless Problem

Hi, I have a WDAAP0000NBK and trying to connect wirelessly using my Belkin F7D1101. Both devices have the latest firmware but the WDTV will not connect t the Belkin device to allow wireless connect.

According to the following article:

Your wireless adapter is supported on revision 1. If your device has a higher revision number then it may not work.

Many thanks Trancer.
Now reading everything available from WD and Belkin, plus other wireless adapter manufacturers, the problem is not connecting the WD unit wirelessly, it is my understanding what the WD unit can actually receive as a stream.
I have used another adapter and now connected wirelessly, so I would say, problem fixed.
I use my laptop to stream tv stations from other parts of the world, mainly (UK) BBC & ITV tv, which works fine, using my laptop and tv HDMI connection, this works fine. I thought I could connect the laptop streams wirelessly to the WD unit then on to the tv, which if you can confirm, the unit will not allow this?
Other than that, the WD unit has been a great buy for me over y years I have been using it.