WD80EZZX replacement for Dual RAID?

I have a MyCloudMirror with 2x8TB hard drives in a mirrored (RAID) setup. Part number is WD80EZZX. It has 128MB Cache. One of the drives has died, and needs to be replaced. Can anyone tell me what alternative drives would be compatible with the other existing WD80EZZX, as I’m not too keen on replacing BOTH drives yet.
Thank you.

Did you ever get an answer to this or figure it out? I am in the same boat and want to know if I could replace it with a red drive.

I never got an answer that was clear enough to satisfy me, so I ended up buying TWO Western Digital RED 8TB, Internal, 5400 RPM, 3.5 inch (WD80EFAX). They are working fine. I put the “old” driver that was still working into an external enclosure and kept is as another redundant backup.