Wd80efax and compatibilities with NAS synology


i’m french.
could you tell me if the wd80efax drives are compatible on NAS synology DS414?

Hello lawre,

WD Red drives are the best one for NAS operations. Yes, you can use WD Red drives with Synology DS414.

Do not hold experience of WD80EFAX in the specific model of your request: Synology DS414.
However, I have deployed into DS918+ and works smoothly.

In selecting WD80EFAX this met my criteria for reliability, size, price. I appreciated that this unit is made for NAS enclosures (i.e. mitigate risk of vibration damage to neighbouring storage units), and 5400 rpm (rather than higher speed) for less noise and often also lower energy needs.

  • From recent 2 new purchases of WD Red NAS WD80EFAX, I had unfortunate experience of one demonstrating bad sectors directly after mounting (NAS’s fan also went berserk, with unit generating high noise = obviously faulty). Whilst I attempted to remedy the situation (WD RED on Synology NAS) in the end I opted for RMA - as the unit would be replaced under warranty and at no cost.
  • This is unfortunate, as the unit was evidently faulty upon purchase - and not from my usage/handling. Thankfully the other WD storage units have proven to have suitable resilience and therefore I was willing to purchase more.