WD800AAJB - desktop or laptop drive


I am a newbiee here, but not really a newbie when it comes to computers.  I guess you could say I know just about enough to get into trouble.

I’ve replaced laptop and desktop hard drives before.  This one, though threw me for a loop.  It’s an older laptop - HP Pavilion DV5000 CTO and the hard drive went bad.  I inherited it from a sibling to see if I could get it going again and hand it off to a friend who really needs a computer.  The drive that came with it didn’t have much information on it, and I didn’t have the specs for it but after searching online, I discovered that it seemed to be a PATA drive.  It had the older 'prong" connections (for lack of a better word).  So I searched for a hard drive and came across this one and thought I would be okay… until I got the drive in the mail.  It looks to have an outer casing over it - way too thick to be put into a laptop.  But it looks as if I may be able to take the casing off and use the interior part (I’m hoping).  The thing is, I’m not sure how to go about taking the casing off, or even if I should.  The prongs look correct, however they are inside the case.

Can anyone help me?  Or did I purchase the wrong drive? 

Thanks in advance!

A Caviar Blue PATA drive is a 3/5" form factor for use in desktops.

If you need to install a drive in a laptop you’d almost certainly need a Scorpio Blue PATA drive instead.