WD8001032 not recognized

I have an older Book model number WD8001032.  Until just the other day it was working perfectly.  I unplugged it from my PC and connected it to my laptop to retrieve some files I needed.  Now when I plug it back in I see the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon at the bottom of the screen and it shows the USB  Mass Storage device in the contents.  However, when I got to “My Computer” to find my Book which used to be Drive: J it isn’t there.  I’ve used it on both my desktop and latpop both of which run Windows Vista.  I went to the WD website and downloaded a driver for it and still nothing.  Any file I click on that saved on my Book I will get an error stating that the file couldn’t be opened because it had either been renamed, moved or deleted.  I’m at my wits end.  Thank you! :slight_smile:


Have you test your drive using a different USB cable? 

No, but that’s because I cannot find a USB cable that is made like the one on my Book.  The end that you plug into the USB port is the same but the other end that’s plugged into the Book is made different than any cable I have and I’m not sure where I can find one like it.

Maybe this will help identify your cable http://www.wdc.com/en/products/resources/drivecompatibility/  .