WD800 Caviar IDE Hard Drive - trying ro access the drive with a USB Hard Drive Adapter


I have an old WD800 IDE (not SATA)  internal hard drive that I removed from an old tower PC. I have the drive hooked up to an external adapter designed to allow me to access the hard drive via a USB cable. I have a new laptop and running Windows 7. Now the system reports the driver was not sucessfully installed.

How do I get a driver for this old hard disk?  Do I have some other issue here?

You will need the drivers for the USB enclosure not the drive

check and see if the drive appears on device manager or disk management 

if you are not able to locate driver for this enclosure, you can always try another one. But like Wizer said check if you can see it in disk manager

Have you jumpered the drive as Master?

Does the drive spin up?

How does Microsoft’s UVCView utility see the external drive?

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