WD800 bad PCB

My PCB failed. I sent it to HDD-Parts in Canada, they swapped out the BIOS chip, returned the PCB, but the HDD does not spin up, it is detected by the PC in Computer Management/Disk Management but fails when I confirm MBR. I sent the board back to Canada asking for it to be checked, it came back - no comment from them. So I decided to buy 3 old WD800’s and try swapping over the PCBs. The old drives were SATA not IDE, but surprise-surprise, the disk spun up, then clicked a few times seeking, but was not seen by the PC. I guess it was trying to find the matching reg ID in the zero sector, well that’s what the Google Machine said. If I found a matching make/model/bios PCB from an old 2005 IDE drive, will it power up and spin my WD800? Bottom line, I am not spending $500+ dollars to retrieve the data. More curiosity as to whether there is a way to get it going again. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks to anyone who can advise.

 Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I have never tried this, since this is not supported by WD. Lets see if another user that has experience on this matter can help you out on this matter. 

Thanks ArMak.

I gather you mean you have never tried swapping over PCBs, and do you mean this practice is not supported by WD?

Curious, still…

Is it possible that you are facing a Power Up In Standby (PUIS) issue?