WD7500C032 - My Book Essential 750GB External HDD - CLICKING SOUNDS please help!

I have a > 2 year old 750gb my book essential external hdd.  Recently it stopped working. It now clicks (kind of like sounds like the needle is stuck on the same position.  

I’ve tried attaching it to a different computer.  No luck.

Please help.  I have >600 gb data (all pics of my kids!!!) What chances do i have of recovering the data.  Thanks so much.

If it is clicking then you have 2 problems. One being power and other drive defective. Make sure the unit is connected starigh the wall socket using the original power adapter.

If the issue continues it is possible the device is defective.  You may need assistance from a data recovery software/company to recover your files.

Remember do not save all your eggs in one basket.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try…