WD7500BPKT S.M.A.R.T questions

Hello to all. I recently (about 1 month ago) bought a new HDD - WDC WD7500BPKT-75PK4T0 and put in my laptop instead of old one, so today i look at my SMART attributes table and Victoria 4.46b for Windows show me a these red marked attributes:

ID - 9 | Power-on time | Val - 99 | Wrst - 99 | Tresh - 0 | Raw - 997

ID - 191 | G-SENSOR shock counter | Val - 1 | Wrst - 1 | Tresh - 0 | Raw - 257

ID - Head flying hours | Val - 99 | Wrst - 99 | Tresh - 0 | Raw - 960

With first one (power-on time) i think it is all clear to me, HDD is power on during 997 hours, so it’s about more than 1 month. It’s ok i think. 

Why shock counter has so high value? I use my notebook as desk, so not moving it when power on.

And why head flying hours has high value too? Is it normal. Help please.

Add my full SMART attributes table below (via HDDScan 3.3)

HDDScan S.M.A.R.T. Report
Model: WDC WD7500BPKT-75PK4T0
Firmware: 01.01A01
Serial: WD-WX91A53F5787
LBA: 1465149168

Report By: HDDScan for Windows version 3.3
Report Date: 31.10.2013 23:02:47

      Num Attribute Name Value Worst Raw(hex) Threshold

      001Raw Read Error Rate 2002000000000000-0000051

      003Spin Up Time 1981940000000000-043B021

      004Start/Stop Count 1001000000000000-0048000

      005Reallocation Sector Count 2002000000000000-0000140

      007Seek Error Rate 2002000000000000-0000000

      009Power-On Hours Count 0990990000000000-0403000

      010Spin Retry Count 1002530000000000-0000000

      011Recalibration Retries 1002530000000000-0000000

      012Device Power Cycle Count 1001000000000000-0048000

      191G-sense Rate/Servo tracking 0010010000000000-0104000

      192Emergency Retract Count 2002000000000000-001D000

      193Load/unload Cycle Count 2002000000000000-04B4000

      194HDA Temperature 10409543 C 000

      196Reallocation Event Count 2002000000000000-0000000

      197Current Pending Errors Count 2002000000000000-0000000

      198Uncorrectable Errors Count 1002530000000000-0000000

      199UltraDMA CRC Errors 2002000000000000-0000000

      200Multi Zone Error Rate1002530000000000-0000000

      240Heads Flying Hours 0990990000000000-03DD000

      241Total Host Writes 200200000000F078-84CD000

      242Total Host Reads 2002000000012535-D9FD000

      254G-shock/Free-fall Event Count2002000000000000-0000000

Hi get a copy of hard disk sentinel it will give you a report as soon as it starts. Check the smart data tab and post a screen shot of the smart data. The version of Victoria you are using is a beta program. Beta = unfinished software and may run errors.

I actually don’t understand about HDD sentinel copy. Please more details about this method. I took a screenshot of SMART in AIDA64 Exreme Edition. Here it is. So is it normal to my HDD?

Hi the picture does not show for me. If the hard drive serial number is shown in the picture it will not load. If it is a different problem a mod will have to sort it.

Yeah, there is a SN of hdd was been on screenshot. I delete it, so my screenshot here:

Hi well the G-sense I have found in some laptops if the shock sensor is triggered it will make a G-Sense error. If the laptop is running and someone knocks the table that would trigger the anti shock to park the heads. But as you say for a 30 day old drive I can’t see it being caused by a actual shock not 260 times.  Maybe someone else will have a idea give it a day or so. Also did you check the smart data when you got the drive and where did you buy the drive from, was it sealed in a anti static bag not taped.

I checked SMART now… G-shock is 271 already))) and my laptop vibrates because of HDD. When I buy SMART was on zeroes. I think i need some put dumpers to decrease vibration of laptop.

Hi yes that may be I have put many black drive’s in laptop and they always cause a bit of vibration but they are a good fast drive so I ignore that hehe. Maybe a little rubber pad in each corner of the drive would make it fit better. You just don’t want to cover the whole drive as that would cause extra heat. Let us know how it goes and good luck.