WD7500BPKT or WD7500BPKX, which is the best and why

 Hi, WD people, I need change my laptop hard drive, and then I am searching for a fresh one with better specifications and more capacity than the previous one. After looking for several brands and models I have decided to buy a WD drive, but I have two options yet. (WD7500BPKT Scorpio black or  WD7500BPKX Black)

After reading them data sheets I can’t find any difference between both drives beyond price.

Can you tell me where that difference is,  if there is one.  

Thanks in advance for your valuable help.

Best regards.


Hi the difference is the WD7500BPKX is a sata 6 Gb/s advanced format drive. The advanced format you would only have to use the WD align tool if you are still useing Wi8ndows xp. The WD7500BPKT is a Sata 3 Gb/s Drive and is not a advanced format drive.So as you did not say if your laptop is Sata 6/Gb/s or Sata 3 Gb/s we can not tell you what one would work faster. If it has a Sata 6 Gb/s then go for the WD7500BPKX if it is Sata 3 Gb/s then use the WD7500BPKT . Either way both drive’s would work.

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Não concigo desbloqueiar o hd que comprei de voçês pela DELL, ele não aceita gravação mito menos formatação, preciso de ajuda.

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I can not unlock hd I bought from you guys by Dell, it does not support recording myth less formatting, I need help.