WD740ADFD-00NLR1 is junk

WD you have lost my business in relation to your hard drives for good.  I love your WDTV, but other than that, I will never spend another dime on any of your hard drive related products ever again.

Out of all the hard drives I’ve had over the past 15+ years, I have had 7 fail on me, 6 of those were WD’s.  Three My Books all failed between 9-12 months old and your warranty only covered them for 6 months at the time, so I recovered what I could and into the recycle they went.  Then it was my two 74 gig raptor drives that I had in a raid config so I wouldn’t have any loss of data or crash issues, they both failed about 36 hours apart which did not give me any time to detect or avoid the issue.  You sent me 2 recertified drives as replacement, which I had to pay some money toward.  I got rid of the one replacement without even opening it, but decided to go ahead and use the other.  I should have known better because now after 6 months of using it, it failed horribly with no way to repair it, so I recovered the data I needed and thought I would check and see what I could do with it here.  So I punched in the serial number and there is no warranty of any kind, but you were nice enough to offer me a discount to upgrade.  Thanks but no thanks, I am not going to give you another penny of my money toward your inferior hard drives, I am cutting my losses, sending this drive to the recycle and taking my business elsewhere.


I’m sorry you feel this way, you have all the right to complain about the product. However, you need to understand that WD sells different type of products with different warranties. If possible PM me with your contact information, I’ll escalate this case to the correct department they will contact you and seek a resolution for you case.


Thanks I appreciate the offer, I already bought a Samsung SSD to replace that as my OS drive and a couple seagates for storage.