WD6401AALS not detected in BIOS and Windows. Data recovery

Hi, I bought a Caviar Black WD6401AALS hard disk two weeks ago. It worked smoothly until it suddenly disappeared and was not detected by BIOS and Windows XP either. After trying with different SATA cables drive was detected only by BIOS and SMART checks says “Backup and replace” and press F1 to resume. I started Windows from a second hard drive and WD6401AALS is still not detected. No noises are heard from the drive. I have to recover important data. Can someone suggest me a way to access to my personal info?

By the way, I had problems with THREE WD hard drives during the last two years. A WD2500AAKS (SMART check suggested Backup and replace) replaced by the vendor with a WD2500AAJS after using it only one year. This last drive reported the same SMART check message after another year. Then I proceed a RMA which is running right now. Now I bought WD6401AALS and crashed again. I´m thinking of buying a different brand next time due to these problems.