WD6401AALS boot delay

So my WD6401AALS internal HDD seems to be causing a delay on startup.

After the BIOS post message I get a blinking cursor for about 20-30s and then the Windows loading screen continues normally. Only clue I have is that this started happening when I installed windows on a new SSD and use this disk for storage instead.

I’m pretty sure it’s the WD disk, I unplugged everything and plugged it in one by one, and only when this disk was plugged, I had the delay.

Now this isn’t any big issue, but I’d be curious to know what causes it and see if I can fix it. Included are my MSIinfo and DXDiag reports, thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

MSIinfo: http://justpaste.it/1nuj

DxDiag http://justpaste.it/1nuk

Try running a test with DLG to see if the hard drive has any hardware problems. 


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Well, did the test, it all comes up clean and perfect…