wd6401aals-00l3b2 & -00j7b1

About a year ago i bought 2 of these drives to put in RAID.  1 of them was DOA  so i RMA’d it and sent it back. They returned another drive. i never noticed this until a few days ago when i was upgrading my mobo, cpu and ram.  i then  realized, physically they are different. (the top cover) 

i also noticed in windows that one was WD6401AALS-00L3B2 and one was WD6401AALS-00J7B1  

is there any performance difference between these 2 drives?  i’d assume one of them is older… probably the -00L3B2, i recived 2 of these and 1 was rma’d and they game me the -00J7B1, which i never even realized until now. duh! 


The -00J7B1 looks like this


The -00L3B2 looks like this


that’s some slick advertising there, dude.

lol no… i just typed the model number in google and clicked images… 

I’m sure it’s not uncommon for them to change drive cases, but if you’re concerned, I’d contact wd about it.