WD6401AALS-00J7B1 failing

I bought 4 WD6401AALS-00J7B1’s

to run in a RAID on a PowerPC G5 through a Sonnet Tempo card.

I had been running this setup with old WD drives for 3 years previous with no problems.

With the new WD6401AALS-00J7B1 drives running in the RAID, I was getting speeds up to 3 times faster.

I was thrilled till 2 weeks later I started having scratch drive relating errors in my video editing apps.

The RAID started running slower and slower. Drive ulilities did not show anything out of the ordinary.

Final one drive just failed and the RAID collapsed. The drive never remounted and I sent it back to the store. The esata cable also seemed to be toast.

Looks like the same thing is starting to happen to the remaining drives.

I’ve notice these drive run VERY hot.

Anyone else having similar trouble?