WD6400AAKS-20PK dead?

Hi all,

I bought few years ago a WD Caviar Blue 640GB I was using for backup, inside an external case.

I didn’t used it for about 6 months, and last Monday I tried to pick some 2010’s pictures I’ve safely stored inside this drive.

Bad news: the lights of the external case started to blink !

I turned it off, opened the case, had a look but nothing’s wrong (except some oxydation on some pins, but some other people also noticed this).

I tried with another USB wire, without success.

Another shot, with another power supply (12V, 5amps), and the same blinking problem occured once again…

The drive doesn’t start, doesn’t make any noise, I can’t hear no rotating disk…

It is quite annoying, for a backup disk, kept away from so many risks (even kids) to die like this…

I hope someone can tell me some good news… of course the warranty is over for 5 months :frowning:



Have you tried connecting the drive internally on a desktop computer? Remember that this unit are designed to be connected internally on the computer.

Hi ragdexx,

Not yet, in fact !

I assumed the power supply is able to provide enough power.

But it might worth the shot…

I’ll keep you in touch