wd640 and re4 problems

Hi there!

I have had some problems with 2 western digital hard disk, one of them i talked about last year, let’s start with the facts:

  • i bought a wd640 black and after some month and a no intensive use it began to give problems accessing and writing files (cannot write and read MFT$ it said…)…just some days and it was not seen from S.O. XPSP2 anymore, but it was recognized from BIOS
  • i bought a 1gb wdRE4 to recover all files as possible with test disk and save them on the new drive…just a couple of week and also the RE4 began to have difficulty on opening a folder  (it contains only wav files recorded by me), trying to open it makes the S.O. freeze…
  • after some month without using the 2 drive i bought another wd (2tb mybook essential) and recovered all files another time (RE4 only has problem with that folder at the moment)…
  • so that, i have made some test on first wd640 and DLG warned me about source code 07
  • after a partial zerofill the same error was always present, but S.O. (Vista this time) could see it and it gave me the possibility to format (even if the disk capacity was about 50mb smaller than the aspected)…it seemed to work, but the source code error was always there, so i made a total zerofill…after that…the quick test seems to be ok, same as the extended test…can i be pretty sure with it now? these are the last smart test results:

 Num     Attribute Name                           Value     Worst     Raw(hex)              Threshold

      001    Raw Read Error Rate                 200    200    0000000000-0000    051

      003    Spin Up Time                               171    163    0000000000-1151    021

      004    Start/Stop Count                           099    099    0000000000-07A8    000

      005    Reallocation Sector Count         200    200    0000000000-0000    140

      007    Seek Error Rate                            100    253    0000000000-0000    000

      009    Power-On Hours Count              091    091    0000000000-1C1C    000

      010    Spin Retry Count                          100    100    0000000000-0000    000

      011    Recalibration Retries                  100    100    0000000000-0000    000

      012    Device Power Cycle Count         099    099    0000000000-07A4    000

      192    Emergency Retract Count          199    199    0000000000-0335    000

      193    Load/unload Cycle Count           200    200    0000000000-07A8    000

      194    HDA Temperature                        117    095    30 C                             000

      196    Reallocation Event Count          200    200    0000000000-0000    000

      197    Current Pending Errors Count  200    200    0000000000-0000    000

      198    Uncorrectable Errors Count      200    200    0000000000-0000    000

      199    UltraDMA CRC Errors                 200    200    0000000000-0000    000

      200    Multi Zone Error Rate                  200    200    0000000000-0000    000

than i made the same quick test on the RE4 and it gave me the same 07 source code error!! i think i have to make the same passages with RE4, but what could be the problem with 2 high-end wd hard drive?

thanks in advance!

It is hard to determine why drives failed, however I won’t trust a drive after if has reported error code 07.  You may contact WD and request the drives to be replaced.

Uhm, i have a couple of doubts about  asking for replacing:

  • can wd verify that the drives have reported error code 07 even if the 640black don’t even show it after total zero filling? is it important for disk replacement?

  • what about disks used for replacements? will they been new or refurbished? and how could i know if a refurbished drive has had the same problems of my drives?

tnx again!