WD6001FXYZ research power loss data protection

Not sure if I’m in the right place here but I did not see a forum for “Enterprise” class drives.

One several sites I’ve seen descriptions of the features WDC Re WD6001FXYZ contains refer to…

“Power Loss Data Protection (5 TB and above)
Upon power loss, the Re drive utilizes stored spindle energy to back up the HDD cache to onboard flash. This allows deeper write queues which boosts performance, while minimizing data loss/corruption such as write splices that can occur during unexpected power losses.”

But in the WDC spec sheet I find no mention of this feature. So I’m wondering if the power loss data protection feature is fact or fiction?

I’m also wondering why, if the feature is true, information on it appears not to be in the Re spec sheets? Or at least not this one…

If this very useful feature is true then to what part numbers does the spin down power loss data protection feature apply?

I’m doing this research because I have a pair of WD6001FXYZ’s that I had hoped to use with an Avago (LSI) 9361 using CacheCade. This particular Re model appears not to work with CacheCade (working on that with Avago tech support) so I’m looking for other WDC units which may have the power loss data protection feature and that I can test with CacheCade.

Thanks for your help…Gene

Hi, this is a user to user forum, I would recommend you to contact WD in order to get this information.