WD6000HLHX Snapped pin, replacement housing?


Is it possible to buy new housings for the pin section of the Velociraptor 600GB hard-drive?

This is the part that I am looking for:

I have searched around and am unable to find anything, not even knowing what I am looking for to be honest.

A waste of a good hard-drive if it can’t be replaced.


Hi there is not much chance of getting that part. I would call WD explain the problem and they may just let you rma the drive.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not certain that they would do this as I had to break the warrenty seal to get this part off and my serial number is not showing on the checker page when I try to look for it.

I shall ring int he morning and ask anyway, thanks.

Not sure if anybody is interested, but I had a 2nd look and realised the pin wasn’t snapped, the weld had snapped and the pin was pushed in. I pulled it out with some long nose pliers, taped it up and it works again.

Hi glad you got it working again there a nice drive.