WD6000H2NC / MBWE II - Light Stuck, Network Drives not responding, Console not responding

Im getting more and more frustrated with WD.
1 year ago I bought 2 x MBWE II 6GB for my internal network and found that they crased all the time when transfering / copying files to them.
(Light Stuck, Network Drives not responding, Console not responding)

After posting here and only go one answer for somebody else who had the same problem, I stored them and bought a couple of Synology that works perfect.

It annoyed me though that I had them on the self with no use, so the other day I started to mess around with them again.
I updated to the lastest firmware and deactivated MioNet from advice from another post.

* Im running the raid as Stripe
* The MBWE has network connection, but not Internet connection
* I have tried resetting the box many times and start all over
* There is absolutely nothing of interest in any logs

Nothing helps, as soon as I start copying files to the box it dies after 15min to 2 hours.

Please WD … what am I to do ?
Continue buying Synology ?

Dude if the drive failed to begin with replacing is the best option

now you are indeed stuck with the failed drive

what do you mean it has network but no internet connection?

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Thanks Wizer
I bet I dont have 2 boxes with the same error unless its a bug.

Anyway, I fianlly followed this http://community.wdc.com/t5/Other-Network-Drives/D​rive-Becomes-Un-Accessible-After-short-use-II/td-… and wupti, everything works on one of the boxes while the other got Bricked.
No matter as I have used the 2 x 3tb Disks in a Synology and NetGear NAS I got.

The MBWE  that made it, works like a charm now… after 1 year of fighting and that´s all it took.

Says alot of WD products and updates.

What I ment about No Internet was that my Internal Network is not connected to the Internet.

But thanks for getting back to me Wizer