I bought 2x 150GB VelociRapters 13 months ago and they came installed in the Icepak Heat Sinks… The question is - I just bought 2x 600GB VelociRaptors and they didn’t come with Icepaks - Can I run them without Icepaks or do I need to install them in Icepak heat sinks ??? I can’t seem to find Icepaks anywhere ??? Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.  Thanks wibujo

If the drives came with an Icepack attached they are the HLHX modles.  If they are only the 2.5 in they are the BLHX model.  Western Digital does not sell the Icepacks seperately.  The 2.5 inch models are designed more for Blade Servers.  If you are going to try and mount in a desktop you will need to make sure that plenty of cooling is available as the Icepack dispurses heat so you will have full drive heat building.