WD500GB passport external hard drive not being read by NBOX TV media player


I recently purchased the above external drive. I have fully reformatted and put some .avi movies on it. However the avi movies  can be played on my laptop but when i plug into the NBOX 82 v3 TV media player, it does not recognise the external hard drive?

I have also tested the NBOX tv media player to other external hard drives i have which works fine.

Therefore can you please tell me whether is the WD issue or is the TV media player cannot support this latest NTFS file system?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


It maybe the format or it may possibly be the virtual CD blocking it. You might look in the other topics like live TV for more help.


Hi Joe:

Thank you for your fedback, however you mean the live TV within the help section at the WD?

Can you please provide me with more contents for me to search?

No right here in the forum index. Where it shows Softwre External Drives internal Drives etc