WD500GB My Book Essential Edition 2.0 files missing but still take up storage space

I have a WD5000H1U-01 My Book Essential Edition 2.0 that is attached to a PC running Windows 8.1.

The drive is almost full of video files, approx 2GB short of being full.

When I set the drive up on my PC, the files and sub folders were all visible, and fully functional. 

Now, the main folder and sub folders are not visible when I open the drive, and when I check the properties, the storage is still showing the drive is almost full. 

The files were not deleted by mistake.

Please help me find my missing files or direct me to an existing thread that supports this issue…

This looks like a file corruption issue.

Try using a software to restore the files to another location.

After restoring the files with a the recovery software, make sure to test and reformat the drive if necessary.

Thanks for your response.

Do you have any recommendations? 

I’m using Piriform Recuva right now, the problem I’m finding is that the recovered movies will not play.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again