WD500aaks massive fail

I’ve got 3 WD500 in raid 5 and guess what? All (valuable work) data lost due to tler. Never ever WD on my computer again. What is this ■■■■, built-in expire date? Like in some (cheap) printers.

No one sane would recommend you AAKS drives for a RAID 5, not even WD and they make it clear since they have no kind of fault tolerance for RAID like the TLER drives.

Dude don’t blame WD for your own ignorance, before you purchase anything you need to investage if is compatible with your settings.

Actually WD is not a good option when running consumer drives with RAID. HW Raid manufacturers rather choose Hitachi drives for such tasks because they are much more realiable than WD.


Can you post the model / brand of the controller to which the disks were attached?

Also post the firmware version of the card. And, if posible, the smart status of the

disks. It may be usefull to somebody that is going to assemble something similar.

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Well, i think i had one of those and i don’t like it. I replaced it some months after purchase. It is

still working in an enclosure.

i dont think that it has a built in expire date… i have an wd hard drive like your model wd5000aaks and it has 4 years old and it has a completely clean smart status… not a single error or bad cluster and after many abuse with a oem psu after many years… i even did put the drive in the freezer for half an hour just for fun… and booted right up in 6 seconds without any singgns of failure… temp registered 7 degrees celsius xD when normal cold temperature here is 18 lol i even trusted that drive to make this experience without data that idont have on any other drive… so if it would fail… i would loose many months of work… didnt loose a single bit :stuck_out_tongue: you had bad luck my friend… i dont say that they are the best drives… but sure they are reliable :slight_smile: