WD500AAKS errors

Hello, I have a WD5000AAKS Caviar Blue Sata II drive. Actually it’s my cousin’s drive. The drive has been used in normal conditions for about a year or so until he told me that his drive is doomed. I plugged it in on my PC and I receive a SMART warning the moment BIOS detects the drive. The warning is telling me that iminent failure is predicted and I should replace the drive. I used Crystal Disk Info to check the SMART messages and there is a problem with “Realocated sectors count”. Please tell me if this drive is really doomed after only 1 year of use. Did I mention that it has something like 3000 power on hours acording to SMART ? And also I have a WD3200AAKS Caviar (older edition not blue) which has almost 14.000 hours of use and still working, and also a WD2500JB on an old PC since 2006 and that drive also works like a charm. Problem is that my stupid cous’ lost it’s warranty certiphicate he got from the seller… Is there a way to replace this drive ?

You can check the warranty of the drive on the Western Digital website, if you are getting the smart diagnostic is better that your backup your data and replace the unit.


Hello, I have  WD5000AAKX Caviar Blue Sata III drive. New drive 1.6.2011г. The drive has been used in no  normal conditions for write. SMART bad sector remap >129 over 1 месяц. Гарантийный талон выбросил. Bad sectors to 20 MGb. Какой код надо подать на HDD для перехода в технологический режим для обнуления SMART и запуска selfscan ?