WD5003ABYZ seek time?

I am choosing HDD WD5003ABYZ, but before I’ll buy it, I would like to know some additional informations (which aren’t in specification lists) for my own calculations. My questions are:

  1. What is an average read and write seek time (in ms)? I found a value 5.5 ms avg in some eshop, but I don’t know, if it’s a real number? At school teacher told us that it is usually about 8.9 ms avg. So, what’s the right value for this disc? Thank you very much for an answer :slight_smile:

  2. What is an average data transfer read/write? In specifications, there is only max valaue -> 128 MB/s … :frowning:

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this since the information you are looking for is not available in WD’s public database at the time of this post. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.