WD5001AALS shows slow data xfer w/Gigabyte mobo

I recently did a major upgrade on my old home PC in stages: power supply a couple of months ago, new motherboard/CPU several weeks ago, and a new Caviar Black 500Gb SATA-3 drive yesterday (Fri, 1/21). According to a utility I have, HD Tune, my drive is transferring at the old PATA data rate, around 132 Mbps. This is working okay with the OnChip SATA type in the BIOS set to “Native IDE”. I tried setting the OnChip SATA type to AHCI thinking it would let the drive transfer at the SATA-3 speed, but the machine hangs on boot.  System is Win XP Pro.

This is my first experience with newer technology, after using an eight year old mother board and CPU with a PATA drive setup, so I’m not saying I understand it all. Am I missing something, or do I expect something to happen that’s not going to happen? I want to get all the performance from the system that it’s capable of giving.

Enlighten me, please!

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

hello my friend

if you have windows xp stay how it works correctly

someday when you move to seven you will have better drivers to do what you trying to do

but to be sure, you will not loose any performance if you stay this way…

only if you have an ssd, but this is in my opinion :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. To make a long, confusing story short, I ended up reinstalling Windows XP.

I downloaded the drivers from Gigabyte to a diskette and loaded them at the first of the install where it asks for any special drivers for RAID. The only thing is, I reloaded Windows on the OLD PATA hard drive and went through the drive cloning again. This time it worked. That’s how I’m running now. It was a lot of work but I was stuck inside with bad weather outdoors so the time was right to get the issue solved.

I got a message from Gigabyte saying the same thing: Win XP won’t take full advantage of the serial interface but Win 7 will. For the time being, the only benefit I’ll get is hot plugging if I want it (I don’t) and the speed will not be much faster than a 133 PATA drive, but it still works well. And if I upgrade, I’ll be ready to go. Until then, XP works so I don’t want to fix it.