wd5000lpvt boot sector bad or corrupted need help

The drive show all space **bleep** unallocated but when you go to make a partition on drive you get error message boot sec corrupted or missing need help with this one… If any one can help please reply

Can you run Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows on it? That would be a good place to start.

If you have a bad sector, you got a near to dead product on your hands.  You can open an RMA for a replacement which will be another [deleted] from WD in California.  I had the same problem four times during the last year.  Each time a rectified drive with the same problem was sent to me.  By their help desk’s own admission, they just run a few scans and isolate the bad areas and make it someone else’s problem again.  I would make sure you back up your software and go by a brand new Seagate which is what I am doing.