WD5000LPLX vs WD5000BPKX

I would like to know which hhd is better (WD5000LPLX vs WD5000BPKX) in terms of performance(I plan to buy one of this 2 hdd).

I saw Western Digital PDF but that doesnt show the read and write speeds:
http://www .wdc.com/wdproducts/library/SpecSheet/ENG/2879-771435.pdf
(I put spaces between the www and .wdc because only let me put 2 links)

Also I like to know if is true that WD5000LPLX doesnt have NoTouch ramp load technology while WD5000BPKX as it and if this feature as any performace improvement. (I saw this information on CNET Review):

Can someone please answer my question?

Hi, welcome to the community,

I would say that the WD Black WD5000LPLX is slightly faster as it has a little more cache memory.

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Ok thx :slightly_smiling: