WD5000D032 - Not working since this morning

Hi,  I bought this model in UK through Jessops.  This hard disk is working fine since I bought.  This morning I started working on and suddenly it stopped working.  I tried reconnecting with the power card and checked all Power cable, USB cable.  Still it is not working.  I have my entire data which is critical in it.  I tried re-connecting again and again… Still it is not working.  

I request someone to help me on this.  At present I am in India, Bangalore.  Please suggest a solution.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Shivsun

I truly apologize for that inconvenience you have.

One question, does the drive spin / vibrate / do any click sound?

You might want to check also if its under warranty, before any physically trouble shooting, since tampering with the drive, voids the warranty.

The disk doesn’t blink / vibrate.  I took the power adopter to an electrician where he checked it and said, there is no power output from the adopter.  I pray that it is the issue with the adopter.  I am trying to find a place to buy the new adopter to see my luck.

One unfortunate incident was, the warranty of the hard disk was expired ~ 6 months ago.

Thanks for your feed back.  Can u please suggest as to where to buy the power adopter in India?  When I called WD helpdesk center, they are saying “Except warranty replacement, they can’t help / provide with any information, even if I said I am ready to pay the cost.”  

I am bit panic as if the warranty expires, WD doesn’t care / bother about the customers even though customers are ready to pay the fee for servicing.

I dont know where to purchase in India, sorry …  but try contacting the support line, one more time, or call the wd store number, they might be able to help  …