wd5000budt 62g8fy0 issues

Hi to all,

I have two pieces of wd5000budt 62g8fy0 hdd’s tha I can manage to get the work.

Both hdd’s take power,spin and are recognized by windows xp or 7 but it’s imposible to use them.

I try to"fix" them by attaching them via usb and run different sofwares from the simple ones to more advance, but nothing worked. You can see in the attached pictures the view of the drives. Sofwares see them either with 0kb or with more then 2tb. Any ideeas? Paul


Hello there, 

Have you tried connecting them as internal drives, you can also try different USB ports to see if this helps you. Also try to check the drives on a different computer and run a diagnostic on them.

You could retrieve the firmware modules with the following tool (via SATA, not USB):

If you upload the modules, I could help you determine if one or more are damaged.