WD5000BPVT Failure

So bought my little brother a Acer laptop about 14months ago for graduation. He brought it to me today saying it won’t boot. BIOS doesn’t see the drive. Booted with laptop case apart and I can hear it spin for about a second, then a click, then nothing. Removed drive and put it into a SATA>USB adapter but my desktop still wouldn’t pick it up. With drive in place, I ran HDDscan and still wouldn’t pick it up.

My question is there anything else to try? After talking to him I gathered it had been active up for 1-2 weeks prior to failure, giving the same “Not bootable drive found” error but turning it off for a few hours and rebooting would sometimes fix it. I see some on these forums trying to reflash the ROM but seems there is no WD program for that?  Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi well there is not much to do the hard drive is under warranty from Acer for one year so you cant RMA it. This is common with laptop drives people dont understand that the drive spins at 7200 RPM but they get up and walk around with it running or knock it when it is running or set it down to hard only a slight knock will make the heads hit the platters. And even if you could get it working there would be other problems and you could never trust it for data.

I had the same thing happen to mine but it was from hp. Is it possible to still get data off the drive somehow?