wd5000bpvt-22hxzt3 and windows xp


I recently bought an wd5000bpvt-22hxzt3 500gb 2.5 inch hdd to replace my laptop’s internal hdd.

I cloned the data to the new disk (windows xp with 2 partitions) but the performance was very poor.

I then read about advanced format drives and downloaded and run wdalign utility to align the partitions properly.

Even after that the performance is still poor.My question is, if I upgrade windows xp -> vista -> 7 will I see improvement

or a clean install of Win7 is the only way?

thank you

After using the align tool under Windows XP, you should be able to update to Windows Vista without problems. Your hard drive model supports a Host to/from drive (sustained) transfer rate of 116 MB/s, note that this will vary depending on your system configuration. To be sure, you can also run a test using DLG.