WD5000BPKX S.M.A.R.T. corruption when cloning?

I have four new WD5000BPKX-60HPJT0 drives that have had the S.M.A.R.T. information corrupted when they were cloned from WD5000BPKX-22HPJT0 drives using Clonezilla 2.2.016-i486.

The four drives are brand new, out-of-the-box drives and now report critical failure. I know that at least one of these drives was not bad out-of-the-box as I did format it and use it prior to cloning just to confirm that it was the cloning process that was corrupting the drives.

I have tried to recover the drives using WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostics (DLGDIAG For Windows) with no success.

Has anybody else had an issue with corrupting the S.M.A.R.T. data? Is there a recovery mechanism to restore this information and make the drives usable again?

Any and all pointers/help/guidance is appreciated.


Another data point to the original post is that I have been able to successfully clone the WD5000BPKX-22HPJT0 drives using Clonezilla 2.2.016-i486.

I’m not sure what the difference is between the WD5000BPKX-22HPJT0 and WD5000BPKX-60HPJT0 but there is a difference and I have 20 other WD5000BPKX-60HPJT0 drives that I need to get operational. I will try using the WD Acronis TrueImage to clone these drives next - again using the WD5000BPKX-22HPJT0 as the source. Hopefully this doesn’t corurpt another drive…

maybe you got a bad batch or maybe the software isnt working properly


2 days counting from now to download the software :slight_smile: