WD5000BMVW dropped 300mm and crashed the drive, any resetting tools available?

Purchased a WD HDD 500Gb approximately a month ago and it dropped off my couch onto a carpeted floor. The drop would have been about 300mm in height. Needless to say, it no longer funtions. However the CSG disk recovery and analysing program shows all the correct stats but the drive itself does not and will not function properly at all.

I have downloaded the WD DLGDIAG program and currently running a diagnosis of the drive in the hope it may correct or realign the heads on the drive.

Are there any programs available that will realign or correct any damage created when a disc is dropped ?


When a drive is dropped it usually suffers mechanical parts failure. Western Digital does not repair or recommend repair services for our drives. Any repair services performed on a WD drive will void the warranty.You can try contacting support to see what they can suggest.

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