WD5000BEVT PCB Fried

Recently my Scorpio Blue 500GB internal drive was fried by a power surge.I read about replacing the PCB but it seems that the firmware chip needs to be transferred if the drives aren’t identicle.I was just wondering if you guys could tell me what exacly needs to be done and what will and won’t work with this drive.


Drive doesnt spin up at all,when the drive was surged it would make a clicking noise but later nothing would happen.This occured after I removed the PCB and cleaned the contacts on both the drive and the PCB.I used non-conductive,quick evaporating pcb cleaner and i’m jst wondering is there any chance this could have gone through to the platter and caused more damage?

As I have read in several posts replacing the PCB is not enough, some chips needs to transferred from the damaged board.  You may feel free to ask fzabkar, since he has a lot knowledge about these issues.

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Thanks for the help.I read about swapping the chips and have plenty of smd repair experience so i don’t mind.Just wondering what chips would need to be swapped and would the pcb have to be the exact same eg. same DCM,etc.

I’ll also pm  fzabkar and get his input.Thanks again.

If there is an 8-pin serial flash memory chip at location U12, then this chip, or its contents, needs to be transferred to your donor.

The following PCB suppliers offer a firmware transfer service, either for free, or for US$10:


I would advise that you avoid those suppliers who don’t tell you that a board won’t work without modification. Often they will attempt to obscure the requirement for a firmware transfer by deceptively describing their products as being “for data recovery only”.

If your board does not have a chip at U12, then the “adaptive” data will be stored within the Marvell MCU (big “M”). In this case you will need a “PCB adaptation service”. The first of the abovementioned PCB suppliers provides such a service for free.

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Thanks for the help.My HDD does have the chip at U12 and I will have that transferred to a new PCB,but i’m just wondering,does the new (donor PCB) have to match the details of the old one e.g. DCM,R/N,etc.?

The DCM (Drive Configuration Matrix) is used when matching mechanical components. It is not important when matching the PCB.


The important things to look for are the 2060 and 2061 numbers on the PCB artwork and on the PCB label. The R/N is related to these numbers.

Hopefully the following guides will help: