WD5000BEKT / WD Scorpio Black 500gb control board problem

This hard drive has 1 month old and suddenly stopped working, and now it smells like burnt circuitry.

This is how the board looks:


  • Can i change the control board and were to get one?
  • Did it broke the hard drive itself or only the control board?
  • Do i lose all my stuff on the drive by changing board?
  • While the drive is still under warranty, the company were i bought the drive could possibly recover my data?

Thanks for any reply.

Dude, taking the drive apart voids the warranty. However, you can try to contact fzabkar he is really good with circuit boards.

Im aware of that but my reseller wouldn’t know if i took 6 bolts and then put it all again, as it doesn’t have any warranty seal in the bolts.

I PM fzabkar but he didn’t respond.

If anyone could tell me if the pcb swap should work on this drive model it would be great.

I only want to get my data from the drive and i don’t mind if i have to buy another drive for it to work.


The motor controller is damaged. This chip also controls the regulators that supply power to the MCU, SDRAM, and flash memory. I can’t tell for certain, but if the damage is in the area that controls the regulators, then there is a serious chance that the MCU and flash memory may be damaged. That would be bad because you will need to transfer the flash memory contents to your replacement PCB. Moreover, if the negative supply for the preamp is damaged, then it may be that the preamp (inside the HDA) is also damaged. This would require a head swap (not DIY).

Unfortunately I can’t see what’s underneath the other end of the insulation foam. If there is a discrete 8-pin chip at location U12, then you may be lucky. U12 contains the “adaptive” data that need to be transferred to your donor. However, before moving U12, I would test the resistance between its supply and ground pins to confirm that it isn’t shorted.

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Thanks for the info. I will get some hd photos from the 2 sides for a better view. And yes there is an IC in location u12 8 pin(4 each side) Winbond 25X20BLN1G 1105.





I found a salesman that can get me a replacement board, the board number is the same but the sticker has a difference instead of 2061-771714-002 AC it is 2061-771714-002 AA.

Would it matter that letter?

I only need to swap the u12 chips and it works?

Is there a chance to swap the chips memory without desolder the chip itself?

I tested the resistence between pin 4 and 8 and it got resistance, is it bad, or that isn’t the way we test this one?

schematics of u12


Sorry, I was waiting for your photos to be approved and then forgot about your thread.

Anyway, your two boards appear to be a match. As for the resistance between pins 4 and 8 of U12, as long as it isn’t close to 0, then it will probably be OK.

It is possible to read the chip without desoldering it. One way is to use an IC clip and a device programmer:

Another way is to use PonyProg freeware, but you will need to build a small circuit:

Good luck.