WD5000AZLX HDD Seen as SSD / C202 chipset

This is a Dell PowerEdge T110 II computer.
The chipset is Intel C202.
The original HDD that I removed is WD5003ABYX
The new HDD that I installed is WD5000AZLX ( I aslo tried a new WD 1TB Blue drive).

Both of the new drives are seen as SSD drives in the system.
Not seen in Windows Computer Manage / Storage at all!

I have jumpered pins 5 and 6 on the WD5000AZLX but it made no difference.

I’d recommend verifying your server’s BIOS/UEFI in order to confirm if the hard drive is detected at a hardware level, and how. Some chipsets may need for individual SATA devices to be connected to specific ports due to system-specific functions and behavior.