wd5000avvs from DVR put in pc HELP

I got this drive out of a dvr that the power supply died. Since it was an upgrade from what I have now I decided to put it in my pc. My problem is that I can boot knoppix from cd and than the hard drive is visible and usable. But when I boot windows…I cant even boot windows it just blue screen of death and restart. Also the drive is not detected in my bios either. 

Maybe the drive is configured to Power Up In Standby (PUIS), in which Linux may know how to wake it up, but BIOS and Windows may not. After Linux has woken it up, then BIOS and Windows will see it.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power-up_in_standby

"Power-up in standby (PUIS) or power management 2 mode (PM2)(Western Digital specific) is a SATA or Parallel ATA (aka PATA) hard disk configuration which prevents the drive from automatic spinup when power is applied. The spinup occurs later by an ATA command, only when the disk is needed, to conserve electric power.

PUIS requires corresponding BIOS support. If PM2 is enabled on the drive but not supported by the BIOS, the drive will not be detected by the system or detected as zero in size. PM2 can usually be enabled by a jumper shunt on the drive but can be configured by other means (configuration sector) using manufacturer specific tools."

WD SATA and EIDE Hard Drives Jumper Settings:

The PM2 is not enabled via jumper so how do I check if its enabled somewhere else if I cant boot windows with the drive.

Try disabling PUIS using HDAT2:

User’s Manual HDAT2 v4.6:

Launch HDAT2 from a bootable CD. Use the /W switch to wake up the drive. Then change the PUIS setting.