I have the WD 500 gig drive listed above and can’t get Windows to recognize the drive. I have some data on here I’d like to retieve, but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a data recovery service. At one time I got an I/O error when I tried to boot up the drive. It is a secondary drive, so I can still boot to Windows. I have read different articles on the internet about various ways to try and deal with a drive that Windows won’t recognize. Any suggestions?

Hello Mate,

Is the drive seen on the BIOS?

You can try recuva or photorec, free data recovery softwares.

I don’t recall know if it was. If it shows up in BIOS, but not Windows, does that mean a corrupt file system?

If the drive is ID’d under the Windows Computer  Management - Disk Management Utiltiy, try assigning the drive a different drive letter. I had the same problem some time ago and this worked for me.