WD5000AAKX on sata 1 controller


I need to install a new hdd to a old mobo (kvt800) but it doesnt detect the hdd due to sata1 controller limitations.

After reading a bit i tried to configure the hdd on a newer pc using wdsspd so that it would limit the link speed to sata1 but thers a problem.

wdsspd version detects my hdd but it cant set sata 1 speed ( give the “drive not suported” error )  - also - ATA speed negotiation is unknown on detection.

is there a newer or other version of wdsspd that can work with this drive ? or is it a mainboard chipset problem

the drive is : wd5000aakx-001ca0

Thank you.

Hi well from what I can see this wdsspd was to be used on sata 3 drives that reports only sata 2 speeds when plugged into a sata 3 controller. A sata 3 drive will not do sata 1.