WD5000AAKX and Windows XP

Hi I was trying to find out if the WD Caviar Blue 500GB WD5000AAKX will work with Windows XP need to replace a failing hard drive on my dad’s computer, just wanted to make sure since I seen with some drives saying compatible with Win Vista, 7, 8 and Mac os(but no mention of XP)

It’ll be fine, as long as it PHYSICALLY fits in the laptop.

Be careful with Laptop drives…  there’s at least three (maybe four?) physical thicknesses.

Also, make sure your dad’s laptop is SATA, not PATA interface.

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Thank you TonyPh12345, Its a desktop computer with Sata 1 interface

Hi that drive you picked is a sata 3 drive it will auto set on most controllers to sata 2 speed. Depending on the sata controller on your motherboard, it may not pick up a sata 1 connection. We would need to know what motherboard it has to see what controller it is running.

Hi Hammey, the motherboard is XFX MG-63MI-7159. I was just looking at this drive since its on sale in my area.

Hi well that board has a nForce 630i chipset you may have problems with it, nforce was a nivida chipset and was known for problems. Only thing you can do really is try it and see if the bios picks it up.