I used to use a WD5000AAKX-003CA0 hard disk with my i3-2100 box. The PSU is newer, the CS450M is 80 PLUS Gold which is better than the one I originally used which was good but obsolete.

I was very disappointed to see 7474 power on hours before the disk failed. I was hoping the disk would have achieved at least 50,000 operating hours.


Sorry to hear that.

If your drive stills under warranty, you should be able to get a replacement with WD

Please try creating a case with support.

I have had the disk since the i3-2100 was new, so it’s maybe 5 years old, so it’s not likely eligible. I have other hard disks in abundance but I wanted to voice my concern over the low POH before failure.

I have noticed this period that 500GB disks often suffered from TVS diode faults for some reason, which makes me wonder what is causal as I use better quality power supplies with low ripple etc.